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TeiraDwain consists of open-minded individuals who strive to liven up the following values in the business:

- INTEGRITY. We always show consistency in our action, values, methods, measurements, principles, expectations, and results; all rooted from the core value of TeiraDwain which is moral excellence, with the foremost aim to always give positive impact in everyones life every day.

- LEARNING. We always try to obtain new knowledge, attitudes, skills, and life choices, by involving a synthesis of information we get from various sources.

We divide our venture into two departments: OUTBOUND PROGRAM and IN-HOUSE PROGRAM.


Take, for example, our ELP for Greatness program. This program (originally an in-house one) is based on the fact that Ethical Leadership so far only talks about what is right and what is wrong. But we have a vision that in the future, leadership will be about transcending yourself into a leader who is unconditionally responsible for everyone in the organization. This programs objective is for all leaders to gain insight on leadership and self-honor, meaning that they are aware of every phenomenon in the organization and know what competencies they have to nurture during the program with us. Originally could last up to 6 months, but some clients request it to be conducted in the field to expedite more learning in shorter time. So, our outbound programs are basically any program that is alternatively brought on outdoor for the sake of being more experiential.

In conducting our outbound programs, we are guided by our own 10TD (The 10 Directions: Outbound Operating Procedures) which incorporates several aspects handled by specific individuals: The Trip - The Entrance - The Opening - The Action - The Show - The Closing - The Photographer - The Supporting Aspects - The Exit. For further information about our 10TD, please feel free to contact Risman at risman@teiradwain.com or call him at 082125184146.


Some examples of our in-house programs are Customer Service 111 which consists of 27 Chapters and 111 Service Competencies, and Millennial Trainer - 21st Century Train the Trainer. We conduct all classroom session using our own steps of 4G (Grouding, Giving, Grasping, and Going), and all based on the millennial training concept that applies instructional methods that incorporate shorter and more interactive segments, environment of safety, and emotional engagement. Most of all, our in-house program is always tailor-made, because we are guided by our own 7TD (The 7 Directions - Operating Procedures for Millennial Trainers) which consists of the following steps: Objective-Focused Meeting - Length of Training - Materials of Training - Tools Checklist - The Trainer, Observer & Assistant - Training Conduct (4G) - Training Report.

Please feel free to contact Tedi at tedi@teiradwain.com or at 087884175584 if you are interested in conducting the following in-house topics (in alphabetical order):
- Business English Correspondence
- Critical Thinking
- Customer Engagement
- Customer Service 111
- Effective Sales Negotiation
- English for Hospitality
- Entrepreneurship Training
- Handling Complaint
- Hospitality Training Series
- Leadership for Hospitality
- Millennial Trainer
- Operational Competencies
- Passion at Work
- Secrets fo Successful Presentation
- Service Mind-Set
- Suggestive Selling Skills
- Team Building & Communication Skills


Staff Outbound Teiradwain Jakarta

Tedi Irawan

Staff Outbound Teiradwain Jakarta


Staff Outbound Teiradwain Jakarta


Staff Outbound Teiradwain Jakarta


Staff Outbound Teiradwain Jakarta